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Pertinent technical instructions on the use of the message boards and the rules of the road.

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The main event... communicate with fellow Boxster enthusiasts. Enter only after you've read the rules and memorized the FAQ!

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Search or just go back in time a little and read messages routinely removed from the Active Boxster Board.

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Very simple... without them this site would'nt run and you would'nt be here. Take a moment to visit and say thanks.

Message Museum
This is where Porsche Pete stores any message deemed suitable to exist for eternity. We're looking for that elusive screen stopper!

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Put in your vote for questionable Boxster topics ranging from the mundane to the actually useful.

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Only Boxster related links need apply... and very subjectively rated, with a brief description.

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From the sometimes "faceless" online community to gatherings and meetings in "real life". Real people, real fun!

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Porsche Pete's Boxster Classifieds are available to any individual wishing to advertise their Boxster or related accessories.

Boxster Boutique
Certainly hard to resist buying overpriced Boxster goodies with proceeds going toward the PP Boxster Driving Foundation.

Pete's Page
Porsche Pete's (and Rob's :) messages aren't getting lost on the Boxster Board... they get's their own page! Latest site news and blabbering's.

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